What will the Next few Months bring?

We get bombarded with too many bad statistics every day. At the same time, we wonder what’s next. What are the coming months going to be like? Will things be better, worse or even more of the same? Let’s talk about it just a little because it’s better to be prepared no matter what happens.

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Social Distancing: What does that mean to a caregiver?

  What does Social Distancing mean to a caregiver? Two things everyone can do will make the biggest difference in how many people become sick with Covid-19 in the months and year ahead. 1. Wash away and kill the virus before it has a chance.   2. Social Distancing, staying 6 […]

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Amy Goyer meets MemoriesConnect at Impact Hub Honolulu

In November during National Family Caregiver Month, AARP Hawaii invited caregiving expert and author Amy Goyer to speak at local AARP caregiving workshops. The workshops were held across the Hawaiian islands including sessions in Kauai, Maui, Hawaii Island and Oahu. We were thrilled to meet Amy Goyer, AARP’s National Caregiving […]

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand :)

Aloha, We’re focusing on a new feature: Short videos that are entertaining, fun and educational. Connecting us to people with memory problems and to their caregivers. Our Goal is to provide some “WOW’S, fantastic” in the MemorC app. One wow is reinforcement of memories with photos of loved ones.   Our […]

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Get the App

We are excited to announce the “new and improved” version of MemorC that is $0.99 cents a month. A major feature of the MemorC subscription is a mailbox where messages together with photos can be sent to the person with memory problems. The new subscription will also provide meaningful, exciting […]

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