Small but Important: App Icon Design

Getting the icon for an app just right is not easy. We have been working with a number of designs for our MemorC app, but we have not yet found the design that would make all of us say: Yes, spot on, that’s it!

Ideally, the icon for the app will visually express the purpose of the app: Helping people with mild memory problems stay connected with their loved ones.

But how can we fit that into a small square that is displayed on a screen together with many other icons?

Perhaps you can help? Take a look at the four icon drafts that we have so far:

Which of the four do you think is the best?

To share your thoughts, please use the public comments below or send us a private note through our Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. I like #1 the best. My comment is to tie memories to the heart (loved ones). I see love and connections but no reference to memory. To me you have three elements and in the four choices they represent love and connections but all are missing the memories component and that, in my opinion, is vital to your brand.

  2. I also like #1 the best = #4 looks a bit like an actual heart or a heart with an on/off switch, which might not be quite right..

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