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Dr. Warren, Founder

If you love older people, they love you back a lot more.  I learned that as a young doctor when I worked at a place called “On Lok” in San Francisco Chinatown. After many years of working as a geriatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii, I’m really excited about MemoriesConnect.  There’s nothing more important than love for an older person with memory problems. That’s the whole purpose of MemoriesConnect and we’re finally close to our first product!

Please drop us a line.  We get a lot of great ideas on everything from design to marketing to future versions.  And there’s nothing like encouragement to keep us going.

Holger Heine, App Developer

I was born in the industrial Ruhr area of Germany, lived most of my adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area and for the past couple of years, I am at home in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I am a non-fiction author, artist, and entrepreneur. I started out as a young performing artist in Germany, while working as a stage hand in the theatre. Later, in San Francisco, I worked as a front desk clerk in different hotels and ran the operations of a motorized cable car company with more than 60 vehicles.   With my many anecdotes and stories from my hotel and motorized cable car days I managed to woo my wife, Suzanne Sevet.

I have been programming software since the early 1980’s and enjoy building new applications that require creative thinking and imagination. I thrive on figuring out new things and making a complex program work flawlessly. The most challenging and rewarding part of my work on MemoriesConnect consists of taking Dr. Warren’s ideas and turning them into a functioning app. One important aspect of developing MemoriesConnect is the social impact that I hope the app will have.

Suzanne Savet,  Project Manager

My desire is always to help folks get the most out of their experience.  I’m fortunate to have worked in some interesting and fun U.S. and international locales centered around meeting and event planning, sales and marketing in the Association, Destination and Event Management fields.

I really enjoy making things happen “behind the scenes”.  So it was great when I met Dr. Warren and became part of the MemoriesConnect team. On a personal level, my Aunt Aurora had Alzheimer’s Disease and this is my way to embrace her memory in a meaningful way and to pay tribute to her.

The things that I am doing now include organizing the app’s extensive product testing in local senior living facilities and individual testing settings. You can see me too in the app. In the current version, I guide the app user into a dialogue: “Hi, my name is Suzanne? And your name is …"

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