Frequently Asked Questions


What is MemorC?

MemorC is an app for people with memory problems and the people who love and care for them. Currently, MemorC is only available in the Apple App store.  You must have an iPhone and or an iPad and an Apple ID with password to install the app.


Who is the “Administrator”?

The Administrator is the person who sets up the app to be used by a person with memory problems. This is frequently a spouse, family member, friend or caregiver.


Who is the “User”?

The person with mid-stage memory problems is the User and plays the app. The app is designed for folks that can read or browse a magazine for 10-15 minutes. The user often has mild-mid stage Alzheimer’s or other kinds of dementias.


What do I need to get started with MemorC?

  • An Apple iPad or iPhone with iOS 11.0 or later
  • Access to good internet for using the iPad
  • The App User can read a magazine for 10-15 minutes
  • Portrait photos- see example: 1 portrait photo of the Person with memory problems – called the “User”
  • At least 5 photos of the User’s friends/family/pets. It works best if the photos are pre-loaded on the iPhone or iPad.


How do I install MemorC?

  1. Search for MemorC in the Apple App store using your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Download the MemorC app.
  3. The App Administrator sets-up the app for the person with memory problems and adds photo(s) and simple information.
  4. The Administrator over the iPhone or iPad and begins the activity.
  5. Caregivers enjoy the app with their loved one. The caregiver can learn a few things about the person they care for and about caregiving in general.
  6. Later we'd love feedback on how to make the app better to better serve our community. Thank you!!


How does MemorC help? 

  • MemorC provides an enjoyable helpful activity for about 15-20 minutes
  • MemorC reduces Frustration for Caregivers and Family Members
  • MemorC helps to reminisce, learn and share heart-felt and fun stories and memories.


How does MemorC work?
A family member, friend or caregiver downloads the app from the Apple App store.  That person is called the administrator. Then the administrator starts the app and enters some basic information and a photo of the person with memory problems. The administrator also provides some information and photos of loved ones.

The user (the person with memory problems) then plays with the app, picking out pictures of loved ones from an assortment of photos of people. The person also is asked to name loved ones and identify how they are related.

Another part of the app asks the person with memory problems some questions which can be answered with a simple response. However, it is interactive and forms a conversation. This part of the App is called Suzanne Chat.

There are other parts of the app including some games that stimulate the brain and visual coordination.


What is the theory behind the app?

The app is designed with the belief that even if people have memory problems, re-enforcement of memories helps by frequent repetition. Our vision for the app’s next version is to design the games in a way that if the game is too easy, the app becomes harder; however, if the game is too hard, it becomes easier.

There are many “brain games” out there but our app is different in that it focuses on personal memories and connections. It can be used by the person with memory problems alone or it can be used together with a loved one or caregiver as a sharing tool.

The purpose of the Suzanne chat is to engage a person with memory problems, asking the person simple questions and re-enforcing identity and emotions.

People with Alzheimer’s and dementia can also start to lose coordination, so the app pays attention to that as well.


Why was MemorC developed?

MemorC is proudly designed by Dr. Warren Wong, a Clinical Professor of Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Wong hasdecades of experience in memory care. Dr. Warren loves older people and wants them to remember how important they are.

Dr. Wong explains,

“I’ve been a consultant geriatrician for decades, diagnosing and managing patients with memory problems, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Prescribing medicine is easy but making a real difference in the lives of people with progressive memory problems is more about caring for the person. I also know that many family members live far away from my patients and welcome a way to stay connected. It’s easy for people to forget how meaningful their lives have been, and this app is meant to be about love and dignity. I see MemorC as a tool that gently reinforces a person’s memory by regular repetition and simple brain games. There are also emotional and coordination challenges for my patients and I’ve designed the app to address these issues as well.

I believe that MemorC will help. We’ve made sure that the app easy to use and, most importantly, fun!!

We still have a lot of work to do including more features and other ways to stay connected. Please visit our website where we talk about our work. We are actively building a community and would love to hear from you. Neither people with memory problems nor their loved ones should feel alone!”


Is MemorC a research tool?

The simple answer is NO. We’ve tested the App before putting it in the store, but I wouldn’t call this research. We just wanted to make sure it’s very easily useable. For instance, the person with memory problems doesn’t need to know how to “log-in”. We’ve found that people with memory problems can still figure out how to use it with just a little bit of practice.

In the future, we might collect anonymous data or provide “administrators” with information but that isn’t our immediate priority.


Is any confidential information stored?

We’ve though about this a lot. Your privacy is our utmost concern!

All information used by the app is encrypted and transmitted via secure server connections. We do not share data with anyone!

 An email address is required as in many other apps but encryption is used to keep the email confidential. The app purposely does not ask for any confidential information; for instance, we don’t use any last names or full birthdates (just day and month).


What would you like from users?

Our immediate need is for people to download and use MemorC. More than anything else we need feedback and ideas. The current product is in development and has the basics but we want to improve the product, add more features and make sure it is fun and easy to use.