MemorC in New York

Holger and I recently traveled to the East Coast, visiting family and friends in Manhattan. As an added bonus, we reached out to a leading dementia care community in New York City.

We were fortunate to meet Nancy Hendley-Branscomb, Dementia Care Trainer at CaringKind. She studied art and eventually found her passion for helping seniors with dementia and training staff to help those with memory problems.

We sat down with Nancy to look at an early version of the MemorC app. For 2019, our immediate need is for people to download and use MemorC. More than anything else we need feedback and ideas. Nancy gave us excellent feedback. She suggested that in a future version in the matching game, we could show photos of the USER during different stages in her/his life. Asking the question, “Which photo do you like the best?”

Nancy believes that the Suzanne Chat option is a “Goldmine.” She sees that it can help lonely, isolated people and it’s a place for them to interact with someone/something else.

She recommends to include “Present things that show me who I am” in a future app version. And she mentioned an important part of the app is to have a “Just for Fun” section. “Maybe with three games including ones that are not too demanding,” she added. She likes the bubble game. All in all, she asks that the app engages the User “moving toward using all the senses.”

Nancy let us borrow a book an exceptional portrayal of Alzheimer’s, called Partial View. An Alzheimer’s Journal. Text by Cary Smith Henderson / Photography Nancy Andrews.

Due to a brain shunt incident, the author discovered his very early memory loss and he was able to get more out of life and tell his story.

We also discovered that Nancy was featured on a Podcast series produced by CaringKind.

See below for details about Nancy’s podcast.

Thank you Nancy for an inspiring visit! We hope to see you soon in New York or Hawaii! Mahalo!!


Caregiver Storyteller - About Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiving

By CaringKind - The Heart of Alzheimer's Caregiving

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Go to Episode 11 – Nancy Hendley

Alzheimer's & Dementia Caregiving: You Matter

Released Jul 18, 2018

Nancy Hendley is a Dementia Care Trainer at CaringKind. Nancy shares some of her favorite stories from her life's work.


Caregiver/Storyteller is a storytelling podcast about Alzheimer's and dementia caregiving. Every caregiver has a story to tell. Chris Doucette interviews caregivers to learn how they became caregivers, the ups and downs of their journey, and how they've changed as a result. Other podcasts teach. Through confessional storytelling, Caregiver/Storyteller helps listeners understand the first-person reality of what caregiving is actually like. While all caregiving stories convey a sense of loss, there is also a surprising amount of fortitude, loyalty, gratitude, joy, and humor. These are their stories. Music by Ravi Krishnaswami at COPILOT Music and Sound


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  1. Thanks for this! The pleasure was all mine. What a wonderful gift to people with dementia and their care partners.

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