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The MemoriesConnect team interviewed a recent app “tester” Marie-Louise Ansak and she is not your ordinary senior. Originally from Switzerland and a life-long traveler, she’s led an accomplished life. She’ll celebrate her 90th birthday in August.

At the age of 65, Marie-Louise retired after an amazing career as a social worker in San Francisco Chinatown (see box at bottom). She then decided to sail around the world on her boat, “Dessert First” and, happily, she did so for 23 years. She is now enjoying her second retirement in Hawaii.

Since she’s an experienced user of Apple’s Mac, iPhone and iPad, we asked her to review the MemoriesConnect app for us and to test both roles, one of the “Administrator” the person who sets up the app for the “User”, the person with memory problems.

Marie-Louis easily sailed through the directions and the app setup. Later, she tested the app as the “User” and played the matching games and puzzles and enjoyed the sounds of the coins.

We asked her, “How often would you want to play with this?” and she responded, “It's fun and calming. I like to play with the app in the evening before going to sleep”.

After playing with the puzzle game, Marie-Louis suggested that additional directions could be added to help the user play the game.

Directions such as “use your finger and drag this square on the left to the matching square on the right.”

Thank you, Marie-Louise*, for your valuable insight and help! Onward!


*Dr. Warren worked for Marie-Louise at On Lok some thirty years ago.



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To test the MemoriesConnect app, you will need: 

  • An Apple iPad 2 or later with available memory (50 Mb or more) to install TestFlight and MemorieConnect apps
  • Your Apple ID (email address) and password
  • Ability to get an email notification on the iPad
  • Internet access on your iPad
  • 4 Portrait photos – 1 of User and at least 3 profile photos of people, pets that the User knows (They should be cropped correctly before starting).


Act now! Testing will be completed by the end of August 2018. 



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More about Marie-Louise

Among Marie-Louise's many achievements: she founded On-Lok in San Francisco.

For a wonderfully detailed article about Marie-Louise written a few years ago, click on this link

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