Testing the MemorC app at One Kalakaua Senior Living, Honolulu, Hawaii

In the last several months, we’ve been testing our app to see what works and what doesn’t work*. One person who has helped us a great deal is Lute Manumanu, Lead Activities at One Kalakaua Senior Living a premier senior living community in Honolulu. She helped us with testing of seniors who live there by coordinating appointments, introductions and photographs. Lute started working at One Kalakaua Senior Living four years ago as a receptionist and was later promoted to become part of the management team at One Kalakaua Senior Living. Lute not only loves music, the color purple and the Pittsburgh Steelers football team; she’s also a “gamer” and proficient iPad user. We ended up learning a lot from each senior, ranging from those who had no cognitive impairment to those with moderate impairments. We were happy to find out that all seniors were able to enjoy the app!! Mahalo, our […]

Meet one of our app testers

The MemoriesConnect team interviewed a recent app “tester” Marie-Louise Ansak and she is not your ordinary senior. Originally from Switzerland and a life-long traveler, she’s led an accomplished life. She’ll celebrate her 90th birthday in August. At the age of 65, Marie-Louise retired after an amazing career as a social worker in San Francisco Chinatown (see box at bottom). She then decided to sail around the world on her boat, “Dessert First” and, happily, she did so for 23 years. She is now enjoying her second retirement in Hawaii. Since she’s an experienced user of Apple’s Mac, iPhone and iPad, we asked her to review the MemoriesConnect app for us and to test both roles, one of the “Administrator” the person who sets up the app for the “User”, the person with memory problems. Marie-Louis easily sailed through the directions and the app setup. Later, she tested the app as the […]

Meeting Caregivers at AARP’s Annual Conference

  Hawaii Caregivers Get a First Look at the New MemoriesConnect App! The team presented the MemoriesConnect App at AARP’s Annual Caregiving Conference Saturday, March 24,  at the Manoa Grand Ballroom, Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i. “AARP sponsors this conference to provide caregivers with knowledge and to relieve some of the stress that comes with providing the vital service of caring for others.” We are encouraged with the feedback and interest from the attendees and enjoyed the comments, questions and interactions. We are looking looking for Beta-Testers in April and if you are interested in Beta-Testing, please follow this link: https://memoriesconnect.com/2018/01/31/how-you-can-help-now/ In our Beta-Testing process, we ask testers about  ways to make this a comforting tool for a person with mild dementia. Our goal is to reach a level of simplicity in our App design while keeping the App challenging, engaging and fun.  

Beta Testing: A Savvy Senior tells us “She Doesn’t like Tests.”

  “Jane” (not her real name) lives independently in Florida. She was visiting family in Hawaii and we were lucky to enlist her to be an early App Beta-Tester. While playing with the App, she started thinking about three friends who are cognitively not at the same level as they once were — and they are all aware of the (slight) cognitive decline, although they continue to live independently.  Jane explained that her friends may feel “intimidated” if they played this version of the App because it could feel as if it’s a test. She said, “you feel rated somehow in the script.”

How You Can Help Now

We have started  2018 with a first round of evaluation for our MemorC App and would like to get as much as possible done this half-year. At this point, we need some people with mild memory problems to use the App to test ease of use and degree of interest in the app. By mild memory problems, we are looking for people who can look at a magazine for at least 10 minutes.

Our Goal

We have one important goal.  To help people with memory problems stay connected with the ones they love. To achieve this goal, we are developing an app designed to help people with memory problems and the people who care for them. Our app is very easy to use AND personalized. The creator of MemoriesConnect is Dr. Warren Wong, a geriatrician with decades of experience working with patients with memory problems. People with Alzheimer’s Disease have a disability…let’s create a tool that gives happiness in the lives of people with this disease But we need your help!  Please view the short video below to find out more. If you can help us by becoming a beta tester for the app, please use the form below to send us your contact information. Thank you!