Beta Testing: A Savvy Senior tells us “She Doesn’t like Tests.”


“Jane” (not her real name) lives independently in Florida. She was visiting family in Hawaii and we were lucky to enlist her to be an early App Beta-Tester.

While playing with the App, she started thinking about three friends who are cognitively not at the same level as they once were — and they are all aware of the (slight) cognitive decline, although they continue to live independently.  Jane explained that her friends may feel “intimidated” if they played this version of the App because it could feel as if it’s a test. She said, “you feel rated somehow in the script.”

We took Jane’s comment to heart and this is exactly what we’re working on now: how to make the App more enjoyable/game-like and less like a test. We would really like your comments and suggestions. Please use our Contact page to get in touch and share your ideas and comments with us in private.*

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