And the Winner is . . .

Over the past several weeks, we received a good number of responses regarding the app's name and icon.  Thank you all for your great contributions!

But with so many excellent ideas, it was very difficult to choose. With several good options to choose from, the best name that we thought expresses the main goal of the app is:


Deciding on the icon was another challenge. We wanted the icon to visually express memory, love and connection. As with the name before, there were many good candidates, making it difficult to pick one. After much deliberation and discussion, we chose the image below:

Now, with the name and icon for the app settled, we are ready to continue testing the app. An updated and expanded version of the MemoriesConnect app will be available soon  and we are looking for additional Beta-Testers. If you are interested in Beta-Testing, please follow this link:

In the Beta-Testing process, we ask testers for their help and input in order to make this a comforting tool for a person with mild dementia. Our goal is to reach a level of simplicity in our app design while keeping the app challenging, engaging and fun.

Thank you again for all your support!


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