The Memory and Connection App

When a person experiences memory loss, connections with other people can start to fade. This can lead to feelings of uncertainty, isolation and loss of identity. MemorC is an app designed to help a person with memory problems stay connected to friends, family, and loved ones.

A family member, friend or caregiver (the app administrator) prepares MemorC for the person with memory problem by adding family photos and some information about the people on the photos to the app. Then the person with memory problems (the app user) is asked to identify loved ones by photo, name and relationship in a playful and entertaining way.

In addition, MemorC provides positive reinforcement while the user plays matching games, solves puzzles, and engages in hand-eye coordination games. MemorC is designed to be simple to use yet challenging for people who can read and perform simply actions like tapping on the screen of an iPad.

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