Not every cough is COVID19

Dr. Warren Wong Founder, MemoriesConnect

Dr. Warren Wong, Founder, MemoriesConnect


Did I hear you cough?

Chances are that you’ve coughed in the last hour.  I probably cough once an hour.  I just never noticed it.  My patients cough a lot.  That’s because they’ve had strokes, Parkinson’s Disease and dementia.   Coughing is common in frail patients who have more difficulty coordinating chewing and swallowing.  You’re probably noticing the coughing more now.

You can’t expect “normal” coughing to go away now.  However, it’s important to know when the coughing is different.   There are several good sources to help you figure out whether a person has allergies, a cold/flu or might have Covid-19.  Here’s one source:

If you are concerned that a person might actually have Covid-19, I’d like to make an important point:  A fever is something that makes doctors concerned.   Call the doctor.   However, a person might have Covid-19 even without a fever.  Keep a close eye.   Younger people especially may not have a fever.  Overall, fever may come later in the disease.

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