Amy Goyer meets MemoriesConnect at Impact Hub Honolulu

In November during National Family Caregiver Month, AARP Hawaii invited caregiving expert and author Amy Goyer to speak at local AARP caregiving workshops. The workshops were held across the Hawaiian islands including sessions in Kauai, Maui, Hawaii Island and Oahu.

We were thrilled to meet Amy Goyer, AARP’s National Caregiving Ambassador between her speaking engagements and media interviews at the Impact Hub Honolulu.

Renowned speaker and consultant specializing in aging and families, including caregiving, grandparenting and multi-generational issues, the wonderful Amy Goyer sat down with Dr. Warren and discussed technology and caregiving and learned about the MemorC app. A note of special thanks to Jackie Boland, AARP Hawaii's Community Outreach Director who coordinated this fun and insightful meeting.

Amy has authored numerous publications, including the books, AARP’s Juggling Work and Caregiving and Things to Do Now That You’re…a Grandparent. She's a recognized media authority, and has been interviewed for TV, online and print media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, The Doctors, The New York Times, The Washington Post, People Magazine and numerous state and local newspapers and television stations.

Amy later shared, “Loved this conversation! I get so excited to hear about new applications of technology that can make the caregiving experience easier, more joyful and enhance the lives of those we care for. Hope my thoughts were useful. Can’t wait to hear how this progresses!"



Amy Goyer


AARP Hawaii

The Impact Hub Honolulu is a community space for professionals and entrepreneurs of all types. They offer coworking, offices, meeting and event space. Their programs and events focus on creating social impact and building community. To learn more visit:







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