3 Quick Things – Your Christmas Gift to Us!


Wow, we did it.  Through all our twists, turns and fixes, we were able to get the MemorC  app in to the Apple Store before Christmas.

That's our gift to ourselves!!   But there's a lot more for us to do. Can you give as a little gift too???

1. If you have just a "New York Minute"

Please do this: “Like Us” on our MemoriesConnect Facebook Page


2. If you have 1-3 minutes

View our MemorC app page in the Apple App Store

Let us know what you think by. Please respond in the box below.

Share this post with your network too.  We need the exposure.

3. If you have 5-10 minutes and an Apple account

Use an iPad to download the MemorC App in the Apple Store. Make sure you know your Apple ID (email address and password).   The app works only with an iPad.  (the iPhone version is coming soon).

Download on the App Store

Become an engaged MemorC User!

We’re looking for 100 engaged users who will give us lots of feedback. When you are an “engaged” active User:

  • You will receive our special “White Glove” customer service. This means help with your photos, and same-day team follow-up if you have questions.
  • You'll be part of the team, helping us create a product that makes a difference in the lives of people with memory problems.

Thanks and have a great Holiday Season!

Best wishes,

Dr. Warren, Holger and Suzanne


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