Testing the MemorC app at One Kalakaua Senior Living, Honolulu, Hawaii

In the last several months, we’ve been testing our app to see what works and what doesn’t work*. One person who has helped us a great deal is Lute Manumanu, Lead Activities at One Kalakaua Senior Living a premier senior living community in Honolulu. She helped us with testing of seniors who live there by coordinating appointments, introductions and photographs.

Lute started working at One Kalakaua Senior Living four years ago as a receptionist and was later promoted to become part of the management team at One Kalakaua Senior Living.

Lute not only loves music, the color purple and the Pittsburgh Steelers football team; she’s also a “gamer” and proficient iPad user.

We ended up learning a lot from each senior, ranging from those who had no cognitive impairment to those with moderate impairments. We were happy to find out that all seniors were able to enjoy the app!! Mahalo, our special thanks, to Dee Robinson, Administrator, who was looking for iPad activities that could benefit residents. This turned out to be one of our first testing sites. Dee and her team thought of some special uses for the app including their monthly “game day” and use by Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) as a shared activity when caring for a resident.


Helping hands at One Kalakaua Senior Living


*Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system.[1] This is in contrast with usability inspection methods where experts use different methods to evaluate a user interface without involving users.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usability_testing



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