Connecting people with memory problems with the ones they love

Staying Connected

When a person experiences memory loss, connections with other people can start to fade.  This can lead to feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and loss of identity.

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How It Works

MemorC, an app developed by MemoriesConnect.Com, reinforces memories and a sense of connectedness by using images of important people in the life of the person with memory problems.

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"I may no longer have the ability to remember everything but I still have the ability to feel” – Mary L. (person with memory problems)


MemorC reinforces the memory of important people and events in a person’s life.   MemorC helps a person remember that the person is loved and important.

A strong sense of connection with loved ones is an important part of the overall well-being of persons with memory problems. When your loved one experiences a slight decline of memory loss, it impacts their sense of self.

People with memory problems often experience feelings of isolation, frustration, and sadness. A question that often arises is:

"Who am I?"

MemorC, an app developed by MemoriesConnect.Com, is available for download from the Apple App Store for iPads. MemorC helps with a sense of “Who I am.” It stimulates memories and encourages conversations, both as it is played on a tablet and in everyday interactions. MemorC is specifically designed to help reinforce memories and strengthen the relationships to friends and loved ones.


“I was so proud of Mom, she enjoyed it a lot and she said it was easy” – George M. (son)


Frequent active involvement with the photo recall, puzzles, and matching games included in MemorC helps people with fading memories exercise their cognitive skills and hold on to cherished memories.

By using images of important people in the life of the person with memory problems, MemorC supports a sense of connection and identity.

  • The app is played on a tablet computer such as an iPad.
  • A family member, friend or caregiver adds photos to the app.
  • The person with memory loss is shown photos and asked to identify people.
  • We make it fun and entertaining.
  • Other games include hand eye coordination and puzzle games.

Your privacy is our utmost concern! All information used by the app is encrypted and transmitted via secure server connections. We do not share data with anyone!


“This helps my staff 
and families love it!” – Gloria S. (administrator)


MemorC is available on the Apple App Store for download. If you have a (late model) iPad and would like to take a closer look at MemorC's features, please download the app from the Apple App Store.


To download the MemorC app, you will need:

  • Apple iPad 2 or later or an iPhone 5 or later
  • Your Apple ID (email address) and password
  • Ability to get an email notification on the iPad
  • Internet access
  • 4 Portrait photos – 1 of User (person with dementia who plays with the app) and at least 3 profile photos of people, pets that the User knows (For best results: photos should be cropped correctly before starting).


"When using photo recall and matching games, you are helping people with fading memories exercise their cognitive skills and hold on to their sense of self" – Dr. Warren Wong




If you love older people, they love you back a lot more. I learned that as a young doctor when I worked at a place called “On Lok” in San Francisco Chinatown.

After many years of working as a geriatrician at Kaiser Permanente in Hawaii, I’m really excited about MemoriesConnect. There’s nothing more important than love for an older person with memory problems. That’s the whole purpose of MemoriesConnect and we’re finally close to our first product!.

Topos Productions
Project Manager

 I really enjoy making things happen “behind the scenes”. So it was great when I met Dr. Warren and became part of the MemoriesConnect team.

On a personal level, my Aunt Aurora had Alzheimer’s Disease and this is my way to embrace her memory in a meaningful way and to pay tribute to her.

Topos Productions
App Developer

I have been programming software since the early 1980’s and enjoy building new applications that require creative thinking and imagination. I thrive on figuring out new things and making a complex program work flawlessly.

The most challenging and rewarding part of my work on MemoriesConnect consists of taking Dr. Warren’s ideas and turning them into a functioning app. One important aspect of developing MemoriesConnect is the social impact that I hope the app will have.